Wayanad - Chembra Peak

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Chembra Peak

chembra peak wayanad

For the more daring adventurers, a journey to Chembra Peak may just be your ticket to a thrilling yet rather risky endeavor. Reaching to a total of 2100 meters above sea level, it is nothing short of a long journey. However, for those willing and able to do so, you will surely find that the beautiful trek up there was well worth the work and risk. With so many visitors each year hoping to accomplish this trek, the District Tourism Promotion Council (DTPC) has gone on to provide guides, sleeping bags and canvas huts in hopes to make the journey safer and more pleasant for all. Depending on your preference, you can choose to make the journey in one full day or spend one to two nights, which allows for you to take your time and truly soak up all of the immense beauty that Chembra Peak exudes in its every meter. Once at the top, enjoy the gorgeous blue lake, take in the stunning views and natural beauty at every turn.