Lakkidi - Wayanad

Feel more than home.

Lakkidi Wayanad

Located right at the crest of the serpentine Thamarassery Ghat Pass, Lakkidi has long been the true gateway to beautiful Wayanad. A true gem of south India, it is not only stunning and majestic but also one of the highest locations in all of Wayanad; situated 700 meters above sea level. The lands of Lakkidi are made up of steep mountains, lush green hills, streams, cliffs and valleys that all offer a true oasis far from any hustle and bustle of its neighboring regions.

In addition to its immensely diverse flora, Lakkida has also been known for its Chain Tree where there can be seen both monkeys frolicking about as well as the legendary ficus tree as you travel through the road to Vythiri. If asking the locals, you will hear the many legends that have been associated with this Chain Tree, making the area all the more enchanting and mysterious

Due to its immensely diverse flora and fauna, Lakkidi has in fact gained growing popularity among tourists and travelers. Several large and beautiful resorts and plantations have been built there offering guests a chance to completely immerse themselves in the vast nature true and haven of the town and its surroundings.

Getting the chance to take up residence in one of the many properties will provide opportunities to explore the area, visit popular sites and of course head to the many well-known view points such as the Lakkidi View Point. Located at the top of a hill, you will soon find yourself feeling on top of the world as you gaze out over awe striking views of the surrounding valleys and cliffs.

As time goes on, Lakkidi will undoubtedly continue to gain popularity while still providing a truly unforgettable escape for those who enjoy being surrounded by undisturbed natural beauty in what is considered one of the most stunning parts of south India.